Bacilli fermented ginger shot

Bacilli ginger shot – instead of alcohol, this shot is full of vitamins and the sharpness of ginger. Organic fresh ginger and lemon juice is sweetened with apple juice and same as our lemonade, ginger shot keeps its freshness thanks to fermentation. These good Bacilli will beat all the bad ones!

Product information:

Organic fermented drink with ginger.


volume: 70 ml

storage: up to 8 °C

Ingredients: water, ginger juice* 15 %, concentrated apple juice*, lemon juice*, probiotic cultures. *Product of organic farming. Sparkling is the natural.

Nutrition facts per 100 ml of product: energy 196 kJ/47 kcal, proteins 0,4 g, carbohydrates 11 g, of which sugars 9 g. Doesn’t contain fats, saturated fatty acids, salt. Alcohol content max. 0,5% vol.