Bacilli Fermented Raspberry Lemonade


We developed fermented raspberry drink with love and patience, so that it’s composition and taste are exactly as we imagine the right raspberry lemonade. It’s made of real raspberries and without artificial flavours. It went through a controlled fermentation process, which, in addition to probiotics, enriched it with a lot of fine natural bubbles. It is sweetened only with concentrated apple juice and as it is not pasteurized, it retains all the vitamins. Simply a lemonade that you can drink without regret.

Product information:

Organic fermented drink with raspberries.


volume: 330 ml

storage: up to +8 °C

Ingredients: water, concentrated apple juice*, raspberry juice 4 %*, lemon juice*, carbon dioxide, probiotic cultures. *Product of organic farming.

Nutrition facts per 100 ml of product: energy 132 kJ/32 kcal, proteins 0,1 g, carbohydrates 8 g, of which sugars 7,3 g. Doesn’t contain fats, saturated fatty acids, salt. Alcohol content max. 0,5% vol.