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We make plant-based drinks and desserts from nuts and cereals so that you can easily forget about their dairy predecessors. Our products contain a large proportion of the main ingredients and are sweetened only with fruit sugar. You won’t find anything unnecessary in them, but full of quality ingredients. We call them fresh because they are gently pasteurized and do not contain any preservatives. In addition, probiotic desserts contain live probiotic cultures that are beneficial for our digestion. Optimistic plant-based drinks and desserts can be used wherever classic milk or yogurt – in your favorite recipe, or straight from the bottle.

Optimistic almond drink


750 ml

Iced coffee

250 ml


250 ml

Optimistic Hazelnut drink



750 ml


250 ml


Optimistic almond probiotic dessert


125 g


125 g


125 g



375 g

Optimistic almond probiotic drink



125 g


250 ml


Optimistic almond ice cream


Ice cream

500 ml


Bacilli logo

Bacilli products are a celebration of nature’s perfection. We process fresh vegetables and fruit which we then hand over to our friends from the kingdom of bacteria to preserve them, enrich them and amplify their taste over time. We have fallen in love with fermentation particularly because of its specific taste and the ability to preserve nutrients. We strain the whole raspberries by hand, deseed buckthorn and cold press fresh ginger. It’s a hard work, but you can taste the difference. All lemonades are made from the whole fruit, do not contain colorants or aromas and are sweetened only with apple juice – all in organic quality.

Bacilli fermented drinks

Fizzy ginger

330 ml

Bloody Orange

330 ml

Ginger Shot

70 ml

Vitamin Bomb

70 ml

Yestea is an ice tea you can say yes to without worry! Made from fresh organic ingredients and lightly sweetened with nothing but fruit juice. The idea for making Yestea was born in Japan where we tasted the local ice teas made of select leaves completely without sugar. However, taste tests back in the Czech Republic have shown us that is not the path for now, since the taste of Japanese teas is still a bit foreign to us here. Regardless, we didn’t want to give up on the idea of an ice tea in premium quality, professionally cooked and seasoned just right and above all – not overly sweet. We chose to cooperate with a Czech organic farm which now supplies us with mint, lemon balm and lavender for our teas.



330 ml


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      The Story of Optimistic

      Amálie and David first met in 2015. They shared a passion for experimenting in cooking and both favoured a plant-based diet. Since they were not satisfied with any of the plant-based milks available in shops, they started producing their own milk, with their ideal composition and taste. When they learned they were not the only ones who would like to buy a proper vegetable milk in home-made quality, they tried offering it to others. A year later, they sold their first bottles of almond Notmilk on Prague’s veggie farmer market. For similar reasons, they decided some time later to found two additional brands: ice tea brand Yestea and fermented delicacy brand Bacilli. The brand was originally called Nemléko (Notmilk) which had to be changed for Optimistic in 2020 because of EU food labelling regulations. The name Nemléko only remains for our company.

      Nemléko s.r.o. is a czech family company. It grows gradually, without investors and using the best judgement of its owners and employees. Nemléko’s mission is to produce products that will incentivise customers to a more healthy, ethical and eco-friendly lifestyle. And also to create a pleasant work environment so that every employee looks forward to coming to work. Although Nemléko is no longer focused solely on vegetable drinks and makes other products under other brands, its products will always have these properties in common:

      • exclusively plant-based composition
      • pure ingredients – no harmful or unnecessary additives, no GMO
      • authenticity – no chemical flavouring, sweeteners or similar taste-altering substances
      • environmental packaging

      At Optimistic foods we believe that healthy and delicious food can contribute to

      a cruelty free world as well as your wellbeing and health.

      Frequently asked questions

      What are Optimistic products made of if NOT milk?

      The main ingredient of our products is almonds, hazelnuts, poppy seeds or oats.* High ratio of the main ingredient guarantees our products have a delicious and rich taste. We don’t put in any unnecessary additives, and sweeten only with dates, not sugar.

      *You can find information about the composition by each individual product.


      How long will the products last?

      It’s different for each product. Optimistic drinks will last 3 weeks since the production date. It is best to consume the product as soon as possible after opening, but if handled correctly, it will last a few days afterwards as well – even up to 4. Optimistic desserts will last 21 days. All products except Yestea must be stored in a refrigerator at temperatures up to +5 °C.


      What can Optimistic products be used for?

      Drinks can be used anywhere where you would use its dairy equivalent – in cereal, pancakes, in baking, or in soups and sauces. Probiotic dessert is best either on its own, as a smoothie with fruit or prepared as a salty dressing for a salad or tzatziki. Coffee is best made using Optimistic almond drink, you can easily froth and steam it to make a cappuccino 🙂 You can find more inspiration and recipes on our blog called Oprtimistic kitchen 😉


      What to do with the bottle when I’m done?

      Unfortunately, glass bottles are non-returnable at this time. However, this does not mean that it should have another use – it should be used to store other foods, others should find a stuck for flowers. And it is always possible to put it in a white glass container. The paper label differs columns after a few minutes in the water bath.

      Do you want to ask us something?



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