Bacilli Bloody Orange

Bloody Orange fermented lemonade is like sunshine from Sicily in a bottle – fresh juice from organic red Sicilian oranges fermented with probiotic cultures and sweetened with apple juice – nothing more. Red oranges acquire their ruby color due to the local climate, as they create more antioxidants, which are especially beneficial for our metabolism. We do not add aroma or sugar to the lemonade and it’s all organic.

Product information:

Organic fermented drink with blood orange juice.


volume: 330 ml

storage: up to +8 °C

Ingredients: water, blood orange juice* 13%, concentrated apple juice*, carbon dioxide, probiotic cultures. *Product of organic farming.

Nutrition facts per 100 ml of product: energy 127 kJ/30 kcal, proteins 0,2 g, carbohydrates 7,4 g, of which sugars 7,2 g. Doesn’t contain fats, saturated fatty acids, salt. Alcohol content max. 0,5% vol.