Almond probiotic dessert Blueberry

Blueberry probiotic dessert is flavoured with premium quality blueberry jam and sweetened only with apple juice to contain no sugar. For true lovers of wild blueberries.

Product information:
– without lactose, soya, gluten
– vegan (no animal substances)

Volume: 125 g

Storage: store at temperatures up to +5 °C.

Composition: water, almond kernels 16,3 %, blueberry jam (blueberries 50 %, concentrated apple juice, thickener: citrus pectin), tapioca starch, date syrup, probiotic cultures.

Nutrition data per 100 g of product: energy: 568 kJ/137 kcal, fats: 8,6 g, of which saturated fatty acid: 0,7 g, carbohydrates: 10,8 g, of which sugars: 7,3 g, proteins: 3,6 g, salt 0 g.